Corethree uses mobile technology to solve the ticketing challenges of your business.


We live in a mobile economy with changing consumer expectations, we believe a truly successful ticketing solution needs to deliver a few things;

Full control of services


One of the major challenges faced by the industry is a lack of control over a ticket when distributed, allowing fraudsters to take advantage.

Maintain visibility


Tracking the entire ticket lifecycle from purchase, distribution, activation and validation is a challenge not met by the traditional web based and print based ticketing.

Be prepared for evolution


Responding to changes in technology, expectations and trends are essential to business survival. Traditional ticketing has not kept pace and does not fit with wider digital experiences.

Improve engagement


Increased sales and enhanced customer value is directly related to the quality of communication and the strength of the relationship between your brand and the customer. Traditional ticketing fails to do this.

Increase sales channels

More sales

In the mobile economy, customers expect to make transactions on their device at any time. Mobile apps capture impulse sales and revenue that might have been missed by the traditional channels.


Happy days

Why Mobile App Development?

Industry agnostic mobile technology

It solves real ticketing problems.

Secure tickets

Secure Tickets

Tickets are locked to a device to prevent ticket sharing and duplication.

Control distribution

Control Distribution

Control distribution through secure ticket sharing and tracking.

Customer visibility

Customer Visibility

Create a digital paper trail providing visibility on the journey of the ticket.

Rapid deployment

Speed of sale

From discover to purchase to delivery, no channel is faster.

Dynamic marketing

Direct and dynamic marketing

Instant promotion of products, increased awareness of additional services, updates and additional sales opportunities.

Interoperable sales channel

Interoperable sales channel

Sell through web, kiosk, cash point and fulfil
immediately to mobile.

Unique ticket wallet

Ticket Wallet

Use the ticket wallet to update, replace and delete tickets.

Loyalty, promotions and rewards


Send coupons, offers, rewards and promotional activity direct to the wallet.

Control activity

Control Activity

Control, monitor and track all ticket activations.


No other platform, no other format can deliver on all of the above, including web apps.


How we help you

We listen and learn about your business goals and objectives and understand what the challenges are preventing your business achieving its ambitions. Using this knowledge, we will use our experience, skills and technology to develop a solution to target your requirements.

Corethree is a technology company that utilises our platform Core Engine and mobile technology to enable your business to benefit from m-ticketing, m-commerce and a direct connection to customers.

Corethree has developed modules that combine to become a tailor made solution for your business. Our apps are powered by Core Engine, the worlds most trusted, proven and secure m-ticketing platform to deliver a unique solution that is underpinned by established technology.


Core Engine provides immense flexibility on how our clients access mobile ticketing, utilising Core Engine to meet preferences of the business, including:


Front end and back end development, delivering white labelled m-ticketing apps.


Integrating Corethree’s SDK to utilise the industry’s most proven m-ticketing technology into an existing or agency designed app.


Using Core Engine as a centralised digital ticketing platform that 3rd parties integrate with to sell and fulfil m-tickets.

First Bus mobile ticket app

First Bus - Mobile Tickets

First’s “Hero channel”, decreasing boarding times by 9 seconds per passenger, saving over 70,000 litres of fuel with m-ticket conversion rates over 30%.

Arriva Bus mobile ticket app

Arriva - Mobile Tickets

Successful migration from the previous supplier, with an instant uplift in sales and a 60% decrease in customer service calls.


Keolis - Reward & Loyalty

Offers rewards to users when travelling at certain times of the day. This helps adjust customer traffic and to improve engagement.

Transport For London TFL Santander Cycle hire mobile app

TfL - Cycle Hire

One of the world’s largest cycle hire schemes made accessible through mobile technology. Integrating with complex, real time solutions to provide service users with vital information.


Just some of the clients we are working with...


Award winning solutions

Best Global Leader in Mobile Ticketing & E-Commerce - UK

Best Global Leader in Mobile Ticketing & E-Commerce - UK

Best Global Leader in Mobile Ticketing & E-commerce UK

Best Global Leader in Mobile Ticketing & E-commerce UK

Most Outstanding Mobile Ticketing Company

Most Outstanding Mobile Ticketing Company

Most Innovative Technology

Most Innovative Technology

Most Effective Mobile Ticketing Solution

Most Effective Mobile Ticketing Solution