Corethree Wins M&A Today Global Award

M&A Today Global Awards 2018 winner Corethree

Corethree undeniably leaps further ahead of its industry peers, as the multi-award winning team earns another recognition award as ‘Best Global Leader in Mobile Ticketing & E-Commerce’ from M&A Today. The accolade follows their continued sensational growth and for milestone acknowledgment of surpassing over 50 million m-ticket sales, globally. Corethree continues to lead in the field of m-ticketing and drive forward new technologies with palpable success.

3 Ways Tech is Amping Up Live Events

The use of mobile payment methods is on an exponential rise. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a smartphone is now a borderline extension of the consumer; so seamlessly integrated with day to day life. Whilst mobile ticketing has been widely adopted across the transport industry, in the live events space, the concept of utilising these dynamic solutions to their full capacity is still in its infancy – though the benefits of harnessing mobile technology are emphatically advantageous for both business and consumer alike. But how exactly is mobile technology playing a role in the revolution of live events?

The Demise of the Ticket Tout

Along with the additional transactional security benefits, another facet of regained control is over ticket touts. ‘By using m-ticketing solutions, a vendor has the capability to significantly reduce, if not totally eliminate, ticketing touting; a common practice that preys upon a captive audience. The stadium owner has more control over the secondary market, and can prevent the sales of fraudulent or overpriced tickets to its consumers.’ says Ashley Murdoch, CEO of the global leaders in mobile ticketing technology, Corethree.

Consumer-Central Experience

Along with providing better security and a simpler, more instantaneous transaction; by purchasing a concert ticket via an app, the user’s experience is enhanced greatly, with the opportunity for an intuitive, omni-channel experience that extends beyond the concert. This now includes the capability of sending push notifications to alert users of any updates around the event, such as scheduling changes, or to offer post-concert exclusive content, competitions, give-aways or even new music releases.

Creating an Ecosystem

Through utilising the data received from mobile apps to harness the behaviour of the consumer, the business can monitor and adapt crowd levels in stadiums whilst simultaneously creating a fully integrated eco-system that can manage queues within the building and assist in adjusting staffing levels to accommodate such, driving an increase in profits for merchandise and hospitality providers, and most importantly, provide a personalised service for the consumer that will enhance their experience and encourage repeat custom.

Paul Mooney