1 Million Milestone for Mobile Ticketing Giant

Corethree smashes record sales figures of £1m m-tickets sold in one day.

100000 mobile tickets issued in one week by Corethree


WATFORD, September 2017 - The world’s leading mobile payment solutions provider, Corethree, has yet again announced record-breaking sales through its innovative m-ticketing apps, after recently achieving the astonishing new height of £1,000,000 of m-tickets sold in one day.

“It is really a true testament to the hard work of our team, delivering outstanding service to our clients so that we are able to continuously achieve such rapid growth acceleration. We’re reaching higher figures in shorter spaces of time, and we have no intention of slowing down.” says Ashley Murdoch, CEO Corethree.

“We have seen exponential developments just in the last few months alone, and it has to be said that our clients have been playing a hugely significant role in this. With constant effort and insights into truly understanding their passengers’ needs and working tirelessly with us to provide them with the best travel technology at their fingertips, their attention to detail and innate comprehension of their consumer bases is absolutely first class.”

Specialising in equipping transport operators with a wealth of mobile tools including m-tickets, data maps and bespoke payment solutions, Corethree is a disruptive force in the cashless payments space and provides client-focused deliverance unique to its industry. With new client wins including First Group, Arriva, Syntus, Translink and an international award-winning solution developed for Belo Horizonte in Brazil, it is undeniable that Corethree’s success can only continue to flourish at such speeds.

Corethree’s m-ticketing apps are available for download via the iTunes App Store, Android or Google Play.

Paul Mooney