Commuters Spend £700,000 on Mobile Tickets on First Day Back to Work

New insights from Europe’s leading provider of mobile tickets and payment solutions, Corethree, show a staggering increase in the usage of m-tickets on the first full commuter day of 2017.

Tuesday 3 rd  January saw the majority of the UK return to work after the Christmas break, and a whopping 62,000 mobile tickets issued by Corethree – 54,500 more than the same day back in 2014. Not only did the total of downloads increase eight-fold, but sales values rocketed from £50,000 in one day in 2014 to a huge £700,000 this year.

Corethree also saw a record-breaking 30,000 new downloads of its mobile ticketing apps over the Christmas week, well over double the average 12,000 downloads through the rest of the year.

“Many people receive mobile phones for Christmas and are keen to download the key apps, including m-ticketing, straight away.” explains Ashley Murdoch, CEO of Corethree.

With more and more people adopting mobile technology to ease the stresses of the commute and even gain an extra few minutes in bed in the morning, it is apparent that the snowballing adoption and download figures are not set to abate any time soon.

Commuters Spend £700,000 on Mobile Tickets on First Day Back to Work