Corethree Wins Tender for Delivery of Transport for Greater Manchester Mobile Ticket Solution

First UK m-ticket app to include Apple Pay

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), another of the UK’s major public transport operators, has chosen Corethree to build its first ever mobile application for ticketing, The first new app to roll out will be for the Manchester Metrolink tram system, which has 92 stops in the Greater Manchester region. It is the first UK entry to the travel sector for Apple Pay.

Corethree has delivered the app in record time, from tender win to completed build in just 4 weeks. This is made possible due to the company’s highly robust back end system and meta-platform, Core Engine. This enables highly innovative, very scalable solutions to be completed in weeks rather than months. It is able to draw in a huge amount of data, analyse it and deliver results to connected devices, whilst simultaneously gathering data back from the field, to complete the information loop.

Users of public transport have shown they fully support these technology solutions as purchases of m-tickets from Corethree developed applications have surpassed £1m per week. Now the travel revolution continues as the commuters of Greater Manchester will experience the ease, efficiency and security of the innovative m-tickets.

Ashley Murdoch, CEO Corethree says:

“We won the tender to build the first mobile travel solution for TfGM because we have consistently proved that our applications deliver for the operator and the user. We are on the road to developing a frictionless travel eco-system for passengers and this desire to make life easier through technology is at the heart of what we do. We have learned a huge amount through our work with Transport for Edinburgh and in developing the Santander Cycles app with Transport for London and we can use this understanding to advance the travel experience for commuters in Manchester. Technology is becoming increasingly invisible as it merges with our environment and we will continue to find innovative ways of delivering a superior experience for our clients and their customers.”

Corethree engaged Braintree in the tender and this will be first UK travel app to integrate Apple Pay.

More information: Holly Ward, The Forge,, 07950 315411 or Olivia Gray, 07885 507521.

Notes to editors: Corethree is a fast growing mobile technology business, relentlessly evolving to solve problems and create new opportunities through mobile. It integrates disparate data points to create simple, easy to use solutions to maximise revenues and improve customer service. Core Engine is the beating heart of the business; a robust tool box that creates scalable, innovative mobile solutions.

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Corethree Wins Tender for Delivery of Transport for Greater Manchester Mobile Ticket Solution