Corethree’s m-ticketing app proves a sensational success for Transport for Edinburgh

Corethree, the UK’s leading provider of transport m-ticketing services, have recently deployed a tram m-ticketing solution for Transport for Edinburgh.

Following the phenomenal success of Lothian Buses’ m-ticketing services in Edinburgh, Corethree has now developed and deployed an innovative solution for the launch of the new Edinburgh Trams service. Passengers can now select, purchase and download mobile tickets to their own mobile device in seconds to remove the hassle of finding the right change or queuing for tickets.

Extra security measures have been added to Corethree’s standard m-ticketing solution, as tram passengers are required to activate their m-ticket at the tram stop using QR codes before boarding, to assist in ticket inspection.

Ticketing has come a long way since the first tram service in Edinburgh back in 1871. Corethree are now leading the way to create innovative mobile solutions for numerous transport systems across the UK, including bus, train, tram, ferry and cycle. Future developments of Corethree’s mobile solutions will include multi-operator and multi-modal m-ticketing services, offering commuters greater choice of the mode of transport they would like to use and the ability to purchase tickets whilst on the move.

Edinburgh’s new tram service was launched on 31st May 2014 consisting of 27 trams, each with the capacity of 250 passengers, travelling between York Place in the city centre and Edinburgh Airport. As part of the managed service, Corethree offer a CMS (content management solution) and real-time business intelligence of passenger’s behaviour, enabling Transport for Edinburgh to enhance their ticketing products and service by delivering tailored dynamic ticketing options and real-time customer service solutions.

This new service has already received a great deal of attention from passengers and Transport for Edinburgh m-ticketing sales continue to grow rapidly.

Stevie Chambers of Transport for Edinburgh, commented,

"Working in partnership with Corethree, we’ve recently updated our m-ticketing app with new features and a fresh look under the Transport for Edinburgh brand. We’d already seen fantastic adoption of our m-ticketing solution for Lothian Buses in Edinburgh, and the addition of tickets for Edinburgh Trams makes the offering even more attractive - the most convenient and flexible platform for integrated ticketing.”

Richard Stevenson, Product Specialist at Corethree said,

"Corethree continue to raise the bar in terms of innovation. We have developed and deployed a tram m-ticketing solution in record time for Transport for Edinburgh to meet the launch of their new tram system. The solution is highly secure and has been specifically enhanced for the introduction of trams in Edinburgh, allowing the passenger to activate their ticket while at the tram stop using QR code technology.

We are also delighted to offer further payment options within our award winning mobile wallet with the imminent introduction of Barclays Pingit. Passengers in Edinburgh will have greater choice when paying for their tickets as they will be able to pay via credit / debit cards or using Barclays Pingit payment solution, even if they are not a Barclays customer."

Corethree’s m-ticketing app proves a sensational success for Transport for Edinburgh