Cancer Research UK innovates mobile donations via Corethree

Cancer Research UK has contracted Corethree Ltd to develop a mobile solution for charity donations and donor information. Supporters will soon be able to make regular donations and gain support all from the convenience of their own mobile device.

Corethree are a cutting edge technology company, which has developed Core Engine, a powerful integration solution with patents pending. Core Engine connects clients’ data, content and services to users' mobile and connected devices, delivering simple, flexible and bespoke solutions that can grow with clients' businesses.

The CR-UK mobile solution uses smartphone apps (operating on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7) to deliver content to supporters, and offers information on the awareness of symptoms, the location of CR-UK retail stores, a mobile wallet and a loyalty scheme for regular donors.

The new platform will offer donors the ability to make one off payments, with the capability for regular donations in the future using the Corethree’s secure mobile payment solution, and get rewarded for their loyalty.

Donors will also be able to use Corethree’s round-up service when purchasing additional items via Core (Corethree’s service portal app) such as bus and train tickets. The service allows the value of the items to be rounded up – for example £2.50 to £3.00, with the difference (50p) donated to Cancer Research, creating an emotional “feel good” factor for consumers.

The mobile solution is currently in development and is scheduled to be deployed at the end of the first quarter 2012. Later developments to the solution will include a CR-UK shop, offering the ability to buy CR-UK products such as bags and clothing. In addition, provision is being made for interaction with CR-UK events such as Race for Life.

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Cancer Research UK innovates mobile donations via Corethree