Southeastern Trains entrusts Corethree for mission critical data distribution

Leading rail operator Southeastern Trains, part of the Go Ahead Group, commissioned Corethree to build a live running information solution for their 1800+ staff, delivered using BlackBerry smartphones. The client specification was to produce an aggregated information portal to allow their staff to have live visibility of all the trains, stations and running times to ensure all parts of their team would be fully informed at all times of the latest news regarding their multi-faceted service.

Southeastern, like many professional businesses, specify BlackBerry smartphones for their staff. The Corethree system natively manifests itself on BlackBerry devices and this was one of the many reasons Corethree were chosen for this vital service. Corethree integrated with Southeastern’s back-end technology as well as aggregated data from five different live feeds, whilst constantly working within BES boundaries to ensure reliability and security for Southeastern staff and management.

Due to the vast power and data aggregation skills of Core Engine, a huge amount of critical data coming from disparate sources was easily re-worked into a powerful and reliable solution, with live and up to the minute information being displayed for Southeastern staff 24/7.

The solution is now fully rolled out and being used on all Southeastern routes, from the network operations to platform staff. Corethree’s solution is the de facto choice for reliable service data.

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Southeastern Trains entrusts Corethree for mission critical data distribution