who we are

Corethree are Global leaders in mobile ticketing and commerce, taking advantage of the single biggest opportunity to create direct communication to the customer: the intersection of mobile and data.

We specialise in integrating, analysing and monetising content, products, data and services for mobile and enterprise, bridging the gaps between operator and customer.

Our unique delivery mechanism allows us to combine completely bespoke functionality and deep integration with operators IT infrastructure with a robust, proven, scalable and future-proof foundation. Corethree have won multiple awards for our m-ticketing system over the past few years, including the highly credible Most Effective Mobile Ticketing System, all based upon our patent pending solutions platform, Core Engine.

Core Engine is a masterpiece in integration technology. It is the glue that connects existing IT systems, valuable data, real-time systems, and virtually any other connected source, so our clients can use all their existing systems whilst taking full advantage of all the features that modern mobile and cloud technology offers.

Our real-time business intelligence can also provide powerful analytics to improve promotional strategies when targeting existing or new customers. In addition, our ecosystem can support advertising and cross-promotional activities when required, to further the user experience and opportunities for revenue.

The Core Engine platform uses our managed infrastructure over multiple locations for resilience. We can distribute and manage capacity across regions, and intelligent networking allows the system to self-heal, providing a seamless experience to our clients and their passengers.

The need to scale with business demands is critical to a project's success. No matter how many devices are accessing services, we are able to scale up our infrastructure as and when required from the network operations centre at our HQ.

Corethree have a proven track record for delivering highly useable, flexible passenger friendly products, that not only improve the customer experience but also report vital, mission critical knowledge back to the operator whilst generating genuine growth and profit.