We turn your data into scalable solutions

Corethree can breathe new life into your organisation's existing data, collect new data and build brand-new products and services with the information you hold.

Core Engine, our powerful integration solution with patents pending, connects your data, content and services, delivering simple, flexible and focused solutions that can grow with our clients' businesses.

Core Engine was designed from its genesis to collate data. It's got baked-in functionality to recognise everything that happens, from how your customers are using your services, to activity on outside systems, and to log all this data in real time.

Corethree can set up live reports, available whenever you need to see how the system is being used. We can also build custom drill-down reports to make the most of the data, and boost the value that can be gleaned from Core Engine. This can then be used to plan a new roll-out strategy, develop and enhance product portfolios, or even to communicate directly to individual customers, ensuring them the best and most up to date service and offerings possible.

Using our integration skills we can combine this powerful data with external technology, such as our ground-breaking LBIP solution using iBeacons, to deliver game changing solutions that reward, inform and inspire your customers by context and location based live & dynamic incentives and calls to action.

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