We make the most of IT you already own

Market leading integration engine combined with vast data analytics and manipulation creates a powerful business intelligence hybrid.

Core Engine is a masterpiece in integration technology. It is the glue that connects existing IT systems, valuable data, real-time systems, and virtually any other connected source, so our clients can use all their existing systems whilst taking full advantage of all the features that modern mobile and cloud technology offers. We can aggregate, correlate and manipulate vast amounts of data and re-distribute it to smartphones, tablets, websites and other networked devices.

Our award-winning infrastructure allows Corethree to create APIs and workflows dynamically, so we can integrate with virtually any IT system, data source and social network. This means rapid times to market and updates made available in minutes, not days, allowing unprecedented flexibility as business requirements change. It also ensures that the reach of expensive IT systems already deployed by our clients can be extended, ensuring greater ROI.

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